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Q:What is the significance of doing certain practices before sunrise or after sunset?



SadhguruPractices like Surya Namaskar and Shiva Namaskar should happen at these times of transition, in the twilight zone between night and day. During the sandhya Kalas, around sunrise and sunset, everything is in a state of flux. If you practice at that time, your ability to transcend limitations is better because your life energies are in a state of flux. That is one aspect of it.

萨古鲁像Surya Namaskar(拜日式)和Shiva Namaskar这样的练习要在黎明或黄昏,也就是白天和黑夜的交替时段进行。在sandhya Kalas期间,也就是日出和日落前后的时段里,万物都在流动的状态。如果这个时候练习,你将能更好地超越局限,因为此时生命能量正处于流动的状态。这是一个方面。


Generating Ushna



Another aspect is that all these practices generate a certain amount of Ushna. There is no equivalent for the word “ushna” in English, but it usually gets translated as heat. Heat, not in terms of temperature but as one of three aspects – the other ones being sheeta and pitta – that control various functions in the human system. If you have excess ushna, or in other words, if your samat prana is high, you feel your body is hot, but if you take your temperature, it is normal. Ushna is not like having a fever – it is experiential heat.

另一方面,这些练习会产生一定量的ushna。Ushna 在英语没有相应的词,不过它通常可以被理解为热量。这个热量和温度无关,而是人体系统里控制各种功能的三个面向中的其中一个,其他两个是 sheeta 和 pitta 。如果你有过量的ushna (热量),或换句话说,如果你太阳热能很高,你将会感到身体是热的,但是,当你测量身体温度时候,它又是正常的。ushna(热量)不是身体发烧,而是感觉上的热度。


Samat prana or samana vayu is in charge of maintaining the warmth of the body. A yogi always wants to keep the body slightly on the warmer side because heat also indicates intensity and dynamism. If the body cools below a certain point, it creates inertia in the system. Almost all the practices are designed to take you to a somewhat higher realm than what people normally live at. A higher realm does not mean a higher level of metabolism. If the metabolism becomes high, you will exhaust yourself physically.

Samat prana 和 samana vayu 掌控着身体的热度。一个瑜伽士总想要让身体偏热,因为热量也意味着强度和活力。如果身体低于某个温度,系统会产生惰性。几乎所有的练习都是被设计来把你带到比常人更高的维度里。这不是意味着更高的新陈代谢。如果新陈代谢变高,你将在身体上耗尽自己。


When your energies are in a higher realm, your body will function at an easier pace. We can prove this to you in a matter of three to six weeks – if you do certain practices and get your energies to a certain level, your physiological factors will settle down and go at an easier pace. When your energies are low, your body tends to go at a higher pace to keep the life process going, which will deplete the system. If your bodily functions go at a certain speed, your mind will go crazy, and above all, it will reduce your lifespan.



We are conscious that doing practices will raise the ushna in the system. If the temperature outside is high and the ushna rises beyond a certain point, it will cause cellular damage. That is why yogic practices are always to be done in the cooler hours of the day. Between day and night, there is a transition that reduces the friction within the system, and therefore, the practices will generate less ushna. Because yoga evolved in tropical climates in India, we always said that all yogic practices must happen before 8:30 in the morning or after 4:00 or 4:30 in the evening.



With yogic practices, you are trying to remold yourself. You may have great regard and respect for your parents, but you do not want to end up just the way they made you, or just the way they are. You want to be something different or something more. If you only psychologically and emotionally remold yourself, at some point in your life, you will fall back. There are many people who, when they were 18, said “No way!” and rebelled against their parents, but by the time they are 45, they walk, sit, talk, and behave like them, because mental changes will only go that far.



Attitudinal changes will not last. After some time, as life situations change and you become less conscious, you will fall back. If you say you are the way you are because your father was like that or because it is in your genes, you are saying you are a creature of the past. If you want to be a being of the future, it is necessary to remold the fundamentals of who you are. That is what we are trying to do with yogic practices – we want to remold ourselves into something entirely different.



The best time of the day to do this is always the sandhya when the energies on the planet are going through a certain transition and the friction within the system is greatly reduced, which allows the remolding to happen more easily. There are other aspects to it, but these are the two most fundamental reasons why yoga is practiced morning and evening.

一天中练习瑜伽的最佳时间总是在sandhya (译者:日出日落前后),这个时候地球的能量正经历一些过渡,人类系统中的阻力大大降低,这使得改造更容易发生。关于这还有其他方面,但是这两个方面是瑜伽要在白天和晚上练习的最根本原因。


If you are looking for dramatic spiritual progress, you must do your yogic practices before sunrise, which usually means starting the practices at the Brahma Muhurta, which is at 3:40 a.m. At that time, there is a certain process that you will become naturally conscious of if you do your practices in a certain way. If you are doing asanas, once your biology adjusts itself to the planet’s biology, every morning, you will wake up by yourself between 3:20 and 3:40.

如果你想要巨大的灵性成长,你必须在日出前练习瑜伽,通常这意味着在Brahma Muhurta这个点,3:40开始练习瑜伽。在这段时间,如果你以某种方式练习瑜伽,你会自然变得有意识。如果你在做体式,一旦你的生物钟自己调整到与地球的生物钟一致,你将会自然每天在3:20-3:40之间醒来。


This is not a confession, but it is supposed to be a matter of pride for me – when I was a little boy, and even when I became a little older, I just could not wake up in the morning, no matter what. It took an hour-long effort from all the family members to wake me up. After some time, they gave up calling me because I anyway slept through all the calling. Since shaking did not work either, they would make me sit up – I would sit up and fall asleep again.



Then they would drag me out of the bed. My mother would put toothpaste on the brush and give it to me. I would stick it in my mouth and sleep off. After I brushed my teeth, she would say, “Bathe before you go to school.” I would go into the bathroom, sit down there, and fall asleep. Once I was awake, you could not stop me, but waking me up was something else. If no one woke me up, I would sleep until noon time. Only when I got too hungry, I would wake up – otherwise, nothing else would wake me up.



I started practicing yoga at the age of 11, and after about 12 to 18 months, it began to happen, and has been so ever since, that when I first wake up and check the time, it is always just before 3:40. I may choose to get up or to lie down again depending upon what time I went to bed, but every day, no matter which time zone I am in, for at least one moment, I am awake at that time, because once you do certain things with your system, your biology is in sync with the biology of the planet. 3:40 is not a time that someone came up with – there is something within the human system that is connected to the planet and will make you come awake.



The Brahma Muhurta is the best time for you to do practices if you want to transcend your physical nature or know dimensions that we refer to as spiritual. But if you are looking just for physical health, then the sandhya kala around sunrise is the best time to do practices.

如果你想要超越物质属性,体验所谓的灵性维度,Brahma Muhurta 是你最好练习瑜伽的时间。如果你只是为了身体健康,那么日出前后的这个Sandhya时段是最好的练习时间。






一天中有几个特定的时间(练习)能为求道者提供特别的支持。五个意义最重大的时间:四个属于Sandhyas的时段,以及处于清晨的Brahma Muhurta。




Brahma Muhurta:这是一个很好的时间开始任何你已经被开启的sadhana(灵性练习)。这段时间从3:40am持续到3:50am。如果你想要巨大的灵性成长,并想要了悟所谓灵性的维度,就在这段时间练习。


Sandhyas 时间





Brahma Muhurta时间3:40am-3:50am