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A participant of the recent Samyama program asks Sadhguru, “What can I, we, do to help you consecrate the world?” In his response, Sadhguru stresses the importance for human beings to live, work, and grow in energetically conducive spaces. He discloses some little known facts about the kind of toll consecrations take on him, who, as he says, lives with a reconstructed, fragile body since it was almost gone after the Dhyanalinga consecration, almost twenty years ago. He says, “I have the energy, but I do not have the body to do that.” Outlining major upcoming projects and many more pending requests to consecrate spaces and energy forms, he emphasizes the urgent need to create a substantial group of people who could be trained to do such work. Read on to find out what it takes.



Sadhguru: It has taken thirty-six years of work to really get people interested in the science of consecration. Some of you have a consecrated form in your own homes. For many people who have taken Devi home, it is the biggest thing that has happened to them in their lives. There are at least a hundred requests right now for me to consecrate major projects – largely in India; some outside the country. These are not necessarily temples – for a lot of major real estate projects, they want energy centers. I am going from the US to India, just for one day, to speak at the inauguration of the new city of Amaravati that is going to be established in Andhra Pradesh.

萨古鲁:用了三十六年的时间,才终于让人们对圣化的科学产生了兴趣。你们中的一些人家里已经有了圣化过的能量形式。对于很多恭请了Devi(Linga Bhairavi)到家中的人来说,那是他们一生中最重大的事。现在,至少有一百个大的项目想请我去圣化——大部分都在印度,有一些在国外。这些不一定都是庙宇——有很多大型建筑,它们也想要拥有能量中心。我马上要从美国回印度,只待一天,是为在Andhra Pradesh邦建造的一座新城市——Amaravati的落成做演讲。


This is the first such project in India in recent years, where a completely new city is being built. Otherwise, most of our city structures are ancient. We have excavated sites – temples, ports, whole city structures – that are many thousands of years old. But now this new city is being built in Andhra Pradesh. We have been working with the state government on various other projects, and we taught Inner Engineering for the Chief Minister, all the ministers, bureaucrats, and top officers in the state. We have also adopted over three thousand schools in Andhra Pradesh. Now, they set up a conference called Happy Cities Summit. They want to create not only a beautiful city, not only a technologically capable city, but a happy city. And they want a consecrated space in the heart of the new city.

这是近年来在印度首次实施的此类项目——修建一座全新的城市。通常,我们的城市都是古代遗留下来的。我们曾经挖掘出过庙宇、港口、甚至整座城市的框架,它们有几千年的历史。而现在,一座全新的城市在Andhra Pradesh邦被修建出来。我们与邦政府还有其他项目方面的合作,该邦的首席部长以及所有其他部长、官员、高级职员都学习了内在工程。我们还在Andhar Pradesh邦接管了三千所学校。如今,他们组织了一个“快乐城市峰会”。他们想要修建的,不只是一座美丽的城市,不只是一座高科技的城市,还要是一座快乐的城市。并且他们希望这座城市的中心地带,是一个圣化过的空间。


This is the most important thing that needs to happen in the world – human beings should live in energetically healthy spaces.



These requests are growing. Apart from that, the Linga Bhairavi Avigna Yantras take three to four months to make. That is why we give them only twice a year. It takes an enormous amount of life investment. If I do the requested one hundred consecrations in the next two years, I may live only for another three years. That is the kind of energy requirement it will take. Those of you who have been with me for over seventeen, eighteen years would have seen what happened to me after the Dhyanalinga consecration. And what most people do not know – after the Devi consecration, eight years ago, I lost my sense of taste and smell for almost one and a half years. My tongue was like dead. Whatever I ate tasted like cotton. Generally my sense of taste is very keen and vivid – I am very choosy about those things when I want to be.

这类需求变得越来越多。除此之外,制造Linga Bhairavi Avigna Yantras(贝拉维Avigna Yantra)需要花三到四个月的时间。这就是为什么一年我们只能举行两次开启。制造它需要大量的生命投入。如果在之后的两年中我去实现这一百多个圣化的请求,我的生命可能就只能再维持三年了。这就是圣化所需要的能量投入。你们之中伴随我超过十七、十八年的人,亲眼见到了我在Dhyanalinga圣化前后所经历的变化。而大部分人都不知道的是,在Devi(Linga Bhairavi)圣化之后,也就是八年前,几乎有一年半的时间我完全失去了味觉和嗅觉。我的舌头就像死了一样。无论吃什么,都像是在嚼棉花。而在平时,我的味觉是非常敏锐的,只要我想,我可以变得非常挑剔。


Slowly, my sense of taste and smell came back. I had to do so many things to revive the system. We had built various support systems at that time, for a variety of reasons. Due to time, age, and various other circumstances, a lot of those structures have going away. We are building new energy structures to assist us. But definitely, as it is right now, we will not be able to fulfill these one hundred consecrations. And by the time we complete those consecrations, it will multiply into many hundreds. I have the energy, but I do not have the body to do that. This body is a fragile, newly built structure, after it was almost gone at one time, after the Dhyanalinga consecration.

慢慢的,我的味觉和嗅觉恢复了。 我不得不使用各种方法去修复系统。由于各种原因,那时我们建立起了各种支持系统。由于时间、年龄以及其它许多因素,如今这些结构都在消失。我们正在修建新的能量构架来支持我们。但是可以肯定的是,就现有的条件来说,我们不可能全部实现这一百多个圣化的请求。而且,假如我们实现了这一百多个项目,到那时就又会有多出几倍、几十倍的新的请求。我有足够多的能量,但是我的身体已经不能允许我做到这一切。这个身体是一个脆弱的、重新修复起来的构架, 因为在Dhyanalinga圣化之后,它曾经差一点就彻底停止了工作。


We need people to stand up. Young people below thirty-five years of age – if you are interested, we want to train you to be able to do these things. But this kind of training needs a completely different dimension of involvement, dedication, keenness of purpose, and discipline. When you play with your fundamental life energies, you must be super disciplined. One small deviation, and it will go all bad. Not just for you – for me. And we cannot let the work that you are doing go bad – someone else has to pitch in. If you think you have the quality, you must put your name down. We will look at you; we will look at various aspects, what level of work you would be able to do. For certain very intense work, you must be below thirty-five years of age. But there are other kinds of things that older people can do.



This is the most important thing that needs to happen in the world – human beings should live in energetically healthy spaces. You might build a beautiful building – that does not mean it is good for habitation. There is a whole science behind how to create a space that will allow a human being to blossom properly. This is important especially where children are growing up – every school must have a consecrated space. The world is still at a level of ignorance where they think that by consecrating a space, you are bringing some religion into their lives. This will go slowly. We have already eased it up quite a bit. Corporate houses, which earlier never entertained such things, are now asking us to establish energy forms in their offices and other spaces.



Not even two to three percent of what we should do in terms of consecrations, we are able to do, simply because we still do not have the necessary committed force to do it. Everyone is busy with other activities. This work needs a group that is exclusively dedicated to this, and that works in a totally different dimension of life. Essentially, it means to be willing to be an instrument in making something. Maybe you yourself will never understand what you are creating. But you must learn to be an instrument. In Western cultures, they have taught you that you should never become an instrument in someone else’s hands. With that attitude, you cannot do consecrations. People still do not have the maturity to understand this – they are making stupid moral judgments about everything.



Young people below thirty-five years of age – if you are interested, we want to train you to be able to do these things.



Consecration needs a different breed of people. We can prepare them, but fundamentally, trust and commitment are needed. In order to make you a powerful instrument, it may be necessary to twist and turn you a bit. To make you a doctor, an engineer, or a scientist, do they not torture you? From the age of six, you are in a school – is that not torture? To make a six-year-old child go to school and count “one, two, three, four,” learn A B C D and all this nonsense – is it not torture? It is torture, but only because of that, people become capable of something that they would otherwise not be able to do.



If something has to be done that is beyond the normal limitations of what human beings can do, it needs an extraordinary sense of commitment, discipline, and devotion to what we are doing. Otherwise it will not work. In ancient India, every space was consecrated. That is gone, but now once again, the necessary interest and trust are spreading. We just opened a small Devi Gudi at our center in Delhi. But the response from across the city has been enormous. We just could not manage the rush of visitors. For the three consecutive days of the opening, the entire two-acre space was filled not only with meditators but people from everywhere. The power of the consecration is such – it draws people. Many more consecrations need to happen.

如果想要实现超越普通人类极限的事物,就需要非凡的投入、纪律和奉献。否则它是不会实现的。在古代的印度,所有的空间都是圣化过的。这个时代已经过去了,不过现在,对于圣化的兴趣与信任再一次被点燃。我们在Isha的德里中心刚刚向人们开放了小的Devi Gudi(贝拉维Yantra中的一种)。但这在当地却引起了巨大的反响。我们几乎难以控制汹涌而来的人群。连续三天的开幕,挤满这两英亩空间的不仅是Isha冥想者,还有来自各地的人。圣化就是如此,它会吸引人群。有更多的空间应该被圣化。


But the science of consecration is not something that we can write a book about, tell you to read it to learn a few things, and you know what to do. It is not like that. You have to feel through it. It takes a certain amount of work and a certain amount of closeness. Your physical body, your mental structures, your emotional structures, your karmic structures – every aspect of your life has to be looked at, so that your life energies are fluid. If they are fluid, you can use them any way you want. If that is not done, then consecration will be like mumbo- jumbo. The genuine science of consecration will die. Only rituals will live – someone will be mumbling something. They will not care whether something actually happens or not because anyway, it will be a commercial process for them.



If we really want to create something, we need to build a strong force. We are making an attempt to build at least a small force. But if we are able to build a larger force of let’s say fifty to hundred people, we can do phenomenal things in the world. But where to find those people who will think beyond their own lives?