发布日期:2016-10-29 19:39

What does a spiritual person look like? How does he behave? Sadhguru takes a closer look at the conclusions we may have made about spirituality.


Questioner: Some people seem to keep spirituality separate from life. Why is this? Is awareness only when you are meditating?


Sadhguru: If your spirituality is time-bound, from five to seven in the morning or whatever time, you are just trying to be spiritual; there is nothing spiritual about you.


If your spirituality is time-bound, from five to seven in the morning or whatever time, you are just trying to be spiritual; there is nothing spiritual about you.



What conclusions have you made about being spiritual? If you have made the conclusion that being spiritual means speaking kindly to everyone, you are mistaken. If someone is communicating with different aspects of life in different ways, out of their understanding, out of their sensitivity, out of their own experience – they know how to communicate with a baby, a buffalo, a mountain, they know how to speak to the bus driver – if they know it out of this awareness, then it is wonderful and fine. That is how life should be.



If someone, out of their so-called spirituality, is trying to speak with whatever they believe is kindness or goodness, to every aspect of life, they are just moralistic and stupid. Maybe they are good people, but they have no sense of life. There is no inner experience; it is just coming from their goodness and morality. They may make good citizens, but they will not know anything of the beyond.



If one is communicating in different ways with different aspects of life because of their unawareness or prejudices, that is a different aspect altogether. How one talks to a bus driver may be a way of seeing where that person is, or may not be at all. It is best that you do not judge a person by the way they are speaking to someone at a certain moment. If there is a pattern of addressing something kindly and another aspect of life rudely, then you know it is coming from ignorance.



Spirituality – Not a Moral Code 


First, let us understand that spirituality is not a moral code. Spirituality means you are beginning to experience that which is beyond the physical. It has nothing to do with the way you communicate and handle the world around you. The way you do that is just a question of your capability, intelligence, exposure, inclination, and what kind of objectives you have in your life.


Spirituality means you are beginning to experience that which is beyond the physical.



There was a yogi who lived many decades ago. Once, he was sitting in the forest, absolutely blissful, but if people came anywhere near him, he threw stones at them. He never hit anyone, but he threw stones at them like a mad man. As far as people were concerned, he was a madman throwing stones. It was only much later when people looked back, they were able to see that not once did he hit anyone. He always made sure of that. He just did not want people around him. He knew that if people came, they would ask for things, and because of the way he was – his energy was in a certain state – naturally miracles would happen. Then people would gather and mess up his whole life. So if people came anywhere near him, he would throw stones at them.If you go by one’s behavior, about what he is doing or what he is saying, you will definitely come to a wrong conclusion, a wrong judgment. If you had known Sadhguru Sri Brahma, if somebody came and said something stupid to him, he would just kick them – not out of arrogance or hatred. That was how he dealt with people. I don’t do that. This is not because I am more realized or less realized, it is simply from being a little smarter with the world. How you operate is just a question of your inclination, intelligence and exposure. It has got nothing to do with your spirituality.

好几十年以前,曾经生活着这样一位修道者。有一次,他正在树林里打坐,完全沉浸在极乐之中。但是如果有人稍稍靠近他,他就会拿石头扔他们。他从没有打中人,只是像个疯子一样朝他们扔石头。只要有人,他就会像个疯子一样扔石头。很久以后当人们回想起来,他们才明白他从不打中任何人。他总是确保这一点。他只是不想有人在他的周围。因为他知道如果有人来,他们就会向他祈求,而由于他的能量处在某种非凡的状态,以致于(祈求的事情)自然就会奇迹般地发生,这样人们就会慕名而来并搅乱他的整个人生。所以只要人们稍稍靠近过来,他都会扔石头。如果你通过一个人的行为,他所做的事情及所说的话,你一定会得到一个错误的结论,一个错误的评判。你知道Sadhguru Sri Brahma (萨古鲁前世),如果有人来到他面前并说了愚蠢的话,他便会把他们踢开,但这并不是出于傲慢或者憎恶。他就是这么对人的。我不这么做。这不是因为我更开悟或更不开悟,这仅仅由于我以更聪明的方式来应对这个世界。你如何应对这个世界是取决于你的倾向、智力和和你所接触的人与事。但这与你的灵性没有任何关系。