发布日期:2018-08-04 20:40

Sadhguru: Namaskaram to all of you! As most of you already know that this day signifies the birth of a… of the first guru. In the sense… (Talks aside: Is the audio okay?) (Laughs) What does birth of a guru mean? Well, the birth of an individual human being of course means the day he was delivered from one’s mother’s womb, that's not what we are talking about. It is very natural when something very profound and when… when something very precious happens to you, inevitably you tend to withdraw from the den of the daily world. So did Adiyogi, moved into mountain regions. Those of you who come from the cities, you should not think mountains means it's a hill station. Mountains… (Laughs) where normally there are no people, no movement especially, because when you come to a certain level of awareness and sensitivity, one problem is every movement that somebody makes unconsciously hurts in some way. So naturally you like to be in a place where there is nobody, there is no unnecessary movement. Some kind of situation which will complement the inner stillness (Laughs). 



People around me have this trouble all the time, because when I'm socially active, I'm more social than most people. Probably I have taken more selfies than (Laughs) most other people. But when I'm alone, even a smallest movement, one extra word irritates me because… Well that's where you would like to be. But you cannot work with the world like that. So from the profoundness of stillness, to profaneness of activity is not a choice for any sensible human being. It's a choice in terms of what is needed around you and when Adiyogi chose to ignore everybody around him and simply sat there or danced or did whatever he wanted, from there when he decided to share, he turned south, that's where we are. 



But those days anything south of Himalayas was considered south. So even the north Indians can feel good (Laughter). You were also south (Laughs). He turned south, one thing is indicating the movement of the sun towards the south. Another dimension is, even today in English language at least, not in the Indian languages but in the English language, when we say south, we are indicating going down. In the stock market, the prices are going south means, it's going down. This is the prejudice of the North Pole (Laughter). They think south is somewhere lowly. But for those of you who do not know, equator is in many ways the highest point on the planet. 



So, he turned south indicating that he is breaking all the social norms. No more… somebody being more… somebody being more eligible than the other, one clan of people being superior to the other, people who claim superiority by birth or by association, he's trying to demolish all that by turning south. He's saying the highest knowledge will be del…delivered by facing south which was considered the most inauspicious. If you do not know this, human prejudice is such that even today in most villages, the southern end of the village is always, the… the low caste people are supposed to stay at the southern end of the village. Even today it’s maintained in most of the villages. So, he turned south indicating there is no caste, there is no creed, there is no superiority and inferiority.



Every human being who is willing is eligible from… this is democratization of knowing and knowledge, that knowledge and dimensions of the beyond are not a property that somebody can hold. He's making sure it's available to everyone. So it's on this day, this time because of some calculations of the calendar… This is a second full moon after the solstice but normally it is the first full moon after the solstice that the Guru Purnima happens. 



So on this day, it's a momentous day because, someone of his caliber decided to go through the works (Laughs) of trying to make what is not in people's perception, to come into their perception. Whatever is not in your perception, when somebody talks about something that is not in your perception, it sounds illogical or weird or stupid depending upon your judgment. Anything that you cannot understand must be stupid, isn't it? He hesitated; do I need to go through this works? But then he decided, aren't we glad that he made that decision that no matter how much ridicule, no matter what all labels people will stick on you, he decided that he will share. This profound being when he decided, it was not a personal decision. This became the way. This became the culture which bred thousands and thousands of masters through this many millennia. 



And, here we are at the foothills of Velliangiri. These mountains in many ways are a cascade of his energy and many more who came after him. It is kind of a physical manifestation of this knowing. Right now, with modern technologies maybe there is some context for people to at least understand this. This would've been very difficult to even speak a century ago. But now that modern technologies are there that so even the Chinese can[] understand me (Few laugh). They don't know word of English (Applause) and I don't know word of Chinese. But they can understand me (Laughs) because they got one gadget in their hands (Few laugh). And today, if you've a gadget in your hand, you can know… know almost anything. You can find out fifteen thousand years ago, the Guru Purnima, what day of the week was it, you can ask your Google lady (Few laugh). She could tell you (Laughs) probably, it’s just a calculation. Because the planet is spi… still… was spinning at the same speed as today. So there is no complications about the calculations. It's pretty simple. 



So you can understand that a piece of plastic and metal can do so many things. It can carry a thousand hours of music or talks or is just coming in the air. So, what is in the form of energy, can become sound, can become light, can become visuals. You can call this audio-video whatever. But essentially what is happening is, what is stored in the form of energy is finding expression so that your sensory perception can perceive it in the form of video, audio and various other ways. So once you understand that knowledge, knowing can be stored in the form of an energy, it's much simpler now, because there is a context. So in the form of the mountain, fortunately, nobody is going to disturb this mountain forever because it's a protected mountain. There is Kailash, in a month’s time we are there. And there is Dhyanalinga. Like this, there are many other forms, where knowing is stored in the form of energy. 



What is a certain level of knowing, to bring it into your intellect, to find logical articulation and to put it across (Laughs) in a way that may be it sounds absurd but it doesn't sound stupid. This is very important. People don't mind. If they don't understand something… very important, all of you should know this, married people. If you want to say something to somebody that they anyway won’t understand, you've to make it little complicated (Few laugh). They can understand, I don't understand very complicated things. But when you have to make them realize, very simple things they don't understand. There is a danger that you may get dismissed as stupid. So this is the danger that a guru adventures into when he gets into transmission mode. Because you've to make it as simple as possible and not sound stupid. Tch, difficult you know (Laughs). It's all right. If you sound weird, some will leave. But some these days are attracted to the weird (Laughter). 



If you sound very complicated, those who believe that they're very intellectual, they will hang on, because they've complicated the simplest things in their life. But to simplify the most profound dimensions of life, you are always on the edge of risk that somebody who doesn't have the eye to see what is it… what it is, will dismit it… dismiss it as stupid. So, this risk Adiyogi ventured into. Since then so many great beings. What is this all about? Guru, as you know means one who dispels darkness. To turn on a light, is it so difficult? Just turning on the light is not difficult, but to make the blind see is difficult. Turning on the light is easy because you don't have to turn on the light. The light is always on. You can pretend you turned it on. If you tell them it's always on nobody will see it. You have to tell them, “Wait, wait, it’s going to come on now. Then they may see it (Laughs). 



So like outwardly, someone who has no vision, to him to show light is difficult. Similarly inwardly to turn on a light to someone who has no inward vision, is also the same thing. And what use is light inside? We can easily transplant a bulb inside of you but you still can't see it. Maybe some light will emanate from your ears and maybe it’ll spread here and that's how people had a halo (Few laugh). But the problem is you still can’t see it. When we say light, understanding light like this, something burns and it… light is shed not in that sense. Light essentially means in human perception light means to see. Something is lit means you can see. Something is not lit means you cannot see. Even to see does not mean to physically see. In English language there is an expression, “Oh? I see (Few laugh).” It used to be very common. People used to say, “Ah, I see. I see.” As somebody is speaking, they would say, “I see.” Not anymore. These days they use other kinds of words (Laughs). 

一个没有外在视力的人,让他看到光是很难的。内在也是如此,对于没有内在视力的人,向他打开灯也是同样的结果。那内在的灯有什么用?我们可以很轻易地在你内在植入一个灯泡,但你仍然会看不到。也许会有一些光从你的耳朵发出,也许蔓延到这里,这就是光环的由来(笑)。但问题是你仍然看不到。当我们说光,不是说某个东西被点燃了,光发散出来。不是这个意思。在人类感知中,光本质上意味着看到。某个东西被点亮,意味着你可以看到。某个东西没有被点亮,意味着你看不到。而我们说看到,也不是指肉眼看到某个东西。在英语中有个表达“哦,I see,我看到了(指我明白了)”。这在过去很常用。人们过去常说“啊,看到(明白),看到(明白)”。当一个人在说话时,他们会回应“看到(明白)”。现在他们不这样说了,改用别的说法。


So the Guru Purnima is significant because it's a reminder that there are dimensions to life, unless you're provoked and goaded in that direction, you may never even bother to see.It may be the most profound dimension. It may be larger than anything that you know in your life. It could make everything that you've known in your life insignificant. But unless you allow yourself or unless somebody goads you in that direction, you may never even realize there is something like this. Because in the making of a human being, there is one dimension of us which is made for survival. Once you start looking, you know this happens to you or if you… the moment you go to school, somebody around you, your parents, your teachers everybody is trying to tell you, you got to be better than somebody next to you. The moment this aspiration enters your mind after that, your entire process of life will become survival. Because surviving in this world is not a big deal. Everybody can survive. But the moment you get into this madness that you want to survive better than somebody, then you're a gone case. Till the last breath (Laughs), till the last moment of your life, you will be only fighting for survival. 



This is what is happening to majority of the world. You can see this distinctly, as societies get more affluent, they're not more at ease. They are fighting for survival like nobody. Actually, those who have little tribal cultures (Laughs) they are at ease. If they had their meal, they're quite okay. But affluent societies on the planet are on a (an?) overdrive of survival. It's just that they've raised the bar of survival in such a way, it is unreachable because it keeps going up all the time. Because somebody else is always doing better than you, endlessly. It goes on. This one step (Laughs) they've already done it to you. If you don't de… do this one thing to your children, that you didn't put this idea that they must survive better than somebody, if this one idea, if you don't put into your children, you done a very great thing. Very, very great thing (Applause).



What it means is, if you did not put this one corruption into your child's mind. That means you prepared a field where in the next generation, millions of enlightened… enlightened beings may happen, millions. Because if human beings are released from this one disease that they want to be better than somebody, rest is, life comes to ease by itself. If this life comes to ease, seeing what is there is a natural process. “But Sadhguru, I'm not competing with anybody in the ashram” (Few laugh). But I don't see any light bulbs coming up. We must always understand between possibility and reality there is a distance. The distance need not be great. It is just that even to cover a short distance, you must hold the course. 



This is the problem with most people. If you observe yourself in twenty-four hours’ time, you would've changed the direction of your life a thousand times. Right, left, center everything would've happened. A man was driving in United States in a bit of a remote kind of country road and then his car stopped because he had a flat tire. Then he walked down to a farm. And, he asked the farmer, “How far to the gas station? The farmer said, “Well… well, as the crow flies, it’s just four miles.” Then this city bloke looked at him and then he said, “Suppose the crow has to roll a flat tire and go, how far?” (Laughter). Tch, this may be the problem. You have a flat tire (Few laugh). And to roll it and to keep the course, every day it keeps changing many, many, many times. 

这是大多数人的问题。如果你观察你自己,在24小时之内,你会改变生命的方向一千次。右,左,中,一切都会发生。有个人在有点偏远的美国乡村路上开车,然后车胎爆了。然后他走到一个农场,问农场主:“加油站离这多远?”农场主说:“嗯……按乌鸦飞的方法(译者注:英文为as the crow flies,意为直线距离,因为乌鸦总是直线飞行),只有四英里。”然后这个城市佬看着农场主说:“假设这只乌鸦还得滚着一个爆了的车胎走,那是多远?”这可能是个问题,你的车胎爆了。滚着爆了的车胎还要保持方向,每一天它都会改变路线很多、很多、很多次。


When I say it changes many times. See, you woke up in the morning. Morning (Laughs) unless you're on a certain level of sadhana, morning in yoga center, you woke up with a start because Dhong… Dhong (Few laugh). If you wake up like this, of course, first you don't wake up tch, spiritually, you wake up with a curse (Laughter). And you cannot even say it loudly because there is somebody else who is sitting (Gestures) Shambo, Shambo (Laughter) already (Laughs). Before you wake up somebody is sitting up and doing (Gestures) (Laughter). You slept through all that but this gong, it’s too jarring you can't ignore that thing. So you woke up and we don't know what all happens. The toothbrush you shove it into your nose, (Laughter) all kinds of things happen. Lack of co-ordination you know (Laughter). Then 5:30 you get spiritual (Laughter/Applause). So, you get spiritual 5:30, 5:45, six o’clock. Till then, there is some activity Guru pooja, then Surya Kriya something. Then comes the best part (Laughter) (Gestures) (Laughter/Applause). 

我说改变很多次……看,你早晨醒来。早晨……除非你是在进行某种灵性练习,否则你都是在“铛!铛!”声中醒来。如果你像这样醒来,当然,首先你醒来的方式不会太灵性,而是会伴随着你的咒骂。而且你还不能大声地骂,因为有人已经端坐着,唱诵Shambho,Shambho。在你醒来之前,就有人开始做(一种类似鸟叫的瑜伽练习),这都没把你吵醒,但这一声“铛!”因为太震耳欲聋,你没法听不见。所以你醒来,我们不知道还发生了什么……把牙刷插进了鼻孔里,各种各样的事。缺乏协调性,你知道。到5:30你开始变得灵性。5:30,5:45,6:00。在那之前会有Guru Pooja(上师礼拜),然后Surya Kriya什么。然后来到最精彩的部分(手势:在冥想中睡着了)。  


No, no, those of you watching us on the web, don’t believe all this. Everybody is doing wonderful sadhana (Laughter/Applause). (Laughs) I shouldn’t have come with a sail (Referring to strong gusts of wind) (Laughter). And, then of course there are people monitoring the sadhana. (Gestures) (Laughter) All that happens and again you get little spiritual (Few laugh). Shambhavi, then you know what happens step by step, so many things. So in a day, just watch how many times, your direction and priorities change. All you've to try to do is just this, next twenty-four hours, just stay with one priority, absolutely, without shifting for a moment. You will see wonders will happen in twenty-four hours’ time. Because you have the right kind of practice, there is phenomenal energy. Well, I'm also still here (Few laugh). If something significant starts happening, I won't ignore you, I'll be right there. 



So everything is there. It's just that holding the direction from here to the entrance. It’s called the Malai Vasal. For those of you who do not know. That means the “mountain entry” or the “hill entry.” The rock that's sitting on the gate out there tch, we brought it here with great difficulty. Our boys went there, did some adventure for one-and-a-half months because this rock weighs two-hundred-and-thirty-five tons and they transported it all the way, thinking they brought a really big rock. This rock we wanted to put where our present Sarpa Vasal is. But then when it came, it looked so big and nice, I decided, let's put it up… up on the gate. And it just shrank (Laughter), visually. Then somebody came and complained, “Sadhguru, why the rock has become so small?” I said, “Because it rained, it shrank” (Laughter). And you won't believe, they believed (Laughter). So, the lad… when the rock came on the truck, it looked like a mountain tch, but we put it up there at twenty-one feet and it just became small. This is how it is. This is how it is. This is the important thing you've to do on this Guru Purnima. Adiyogi means you put him up there. Hung him on the calendar, stuck him on the wall, put him in the temple, he is up there. So he is looking very small. You should bring him down to your life. If you bring him down to your life, suddenly you will see it's a humongous presence. We are doing this effectively. Lot more needs to be done.

一切都已在那里。只是需要你保持方向直到到达入口。这被称作Malai Vasal,意为“山的入口”。静修中心大门上的岩石,我们费了很大的劲才把它搬过来。我们的男孩花了一个半月的时间,冒了点险,因为这块岩石重达235吨。他们一路把它运回来,心想他们可是带回了块巨大的石头。我们本想把它放在如今的Sarpa Vasal那里。但当它来的时候,它看起来如此巨大而美好,我决定把它放在大门上。它突然缩小了,视觉上。然后有人过来抱怨:“萨古鲁,为什么岩石变得这么小?”我说:“因为下雨,所以收缩了。”哈哈,你不会相信,他们竟然信了。当岩石放在卡车上运回来时,它看起来像座山那么大,但当把它安置在21英尺高处时,它变小了。就是这个意思。这是你在上师满月日要做的重要之事。阿迪瑜吉意味着,你把他放在高处。把他挂在日历上,钉在墙板上,放在庙里面。他高高在上,所以看起来很小。你应该把他拿下来,放入你的生命中。如果你将他拿下放入你的生命中,突然你会发现这是个巨大的存在。这一点我们干得颇有成效,还有更多的工作有待进行。


We are, de-divining. Is there a word like that? We are taking the divine title of Adiyogi and making him into a human being. Because the idea is one who is up there, we are trying to bring him down. We want to bring him down here (Gesturing), so that you can feel this powerful presence. Up there, too far up there. Vaikuntham, you know. No, no, no, I'm sorry. Kailash (Few laugh). Wrong god (Laughter). All gods need to be brought down, very important. Only if they are brought down, people will see it is a possibility. Otherwise, they will think it's an unrealistic, something that they can just invest a few minutes a week and one incense stick (Laughter). I'm saying for the first time, I'm noticing this in many homes, they're lighting one incense stick. Not in Delhi (Laughter). In Delhi means I can understand maybe because of the air pollution they are le… limiting their worship (Laughs). But one incense stick, it was never done in this culture. Nobody ever lights one incense stick. But these days, I'm seeing they are lighting one, either because they do not know or they have become very expensive. I don't know what it costs right now, because I never light one (Laughs).

我们是在,“凡人化”,有这么个词么?我们是在拿掉阿迪瑜吉神的头衔,让他变成人类。 因为那个高高在上的人,我们想要把他放下来。我们想要把他带到地面,这样你才能感受到这强大的临在。上面,太高了。Vaikuntham(印度神),你知道。不好意思,我说错了,是Kailash。说错了神。所有的神都需要被放下来,这很重要。只有把他们带到地面,人们才会发现(神性)是有可能实现的。否则,他们会认为这是不切实际的,这是他们每周只需投入几分钟、再点一根香就了事的事情。这是我第一次提这个事,我注意到很多人在家中只点一根香。不是在德里。如果是德里,我能理解,可能是因为空气污染,所以他们限制烧香。但在印度文化中,从不会只点一根香。过去从不会有人只点一根香。但如今,我看到很多人只点一根,要么他们不知道,要么现在香太贵了。我不知道现在香卖多少钱,因为我一根也没点过。


This is important that in this culture, all the people that you have started considering as gods, actually walked this geography at one time. Your Shiva, your Rama, your Krishna, you name it. All of them, walked this land at some time. When they were here, they walked on this land just like you. They struggled, they fought, they did everything that they had to do in those times. But you nailed them to the wall (Laughs). They went through the process of birth, growing up, struggles, even wars and death, like everybody else. But they lived an extraordinary life. So we valued them, that's fine. But the moment you make them something other than human, you have taken away the possibility in your life. So this is important. This is very important that everybody in this country and in the world, to recognize Shiva as the yogi, because that's what he was and that's why we remember him and that's why he is valuable to us. 



Otherwise, a man who came and went fifteen thousand years ago, who cares whether he came or not? Only because of his contribution that we value him. Let's be straight about this (Laughs). We value human beings only if they contribute to our lives. If they trouble us, we don't value them, isn't it? So Guru Purnima is that day, when we are making a god into a man, very important… Very, very important. Because now you see the possibility, it is not beyond you to be like this. It is just that the necessary focus and effort has not been there. That's all. Next twenty-four hours, I want you to try and see. If you can keep your priority just in one direction, not changing. Let's say, you're driving from here to Malai Vasal every two minutes, if you change direction, you would have gone everywhere else except there, isn’t it? 

否则,一个在一万五千年前来了又去的人,谁在乎他是否来过?仅仅因为他做出的贡献,我们才珍视他。让我们坦白点。只有一个人对我们的生命有贡献,我们才会珍视他们。如果他给我们带来的是麻烦,我们才不会这样,不是吗?所以上师满月日的意思是,在这天,我们将神变成人。这非常、非常重要。因为你现在看到了这个可能性,它并非遥不可及,只是缺乏必要的专注和努力。接下去的24小时,我想让你试试看。如果你能专注在最重要的事而不改变方向。打个比方,你从这里开车到Malai Vasal,如果你每两分钟就改变方向,你会跑遍每个地方,但唯独到不了那里,是不是?


So, this is all you've to do. If you hold your direction, we will give you the turbocharger. But if you're changing your direction all the time, if we turbo charge you, you may go into the rock. You may go and hit something else. You must hold the direction. This is all your business is. See, even when you're driving, the powering is done by the engine. Transmission is done by the transmission system. All you've to do is hold the direction, isn't it? That's all driving is about. Reaching a destination means just that that you just have to hold direction. Rest is done. So on this Guru Purnima, I want you to take this up because (Laughs) this is not some kind of an unattainable, some heavenly stuff. This is a human potential. This is a possibility for every human being. 



The question is only will you make possibility into a reality. It’s my wish and my blessings that every one of you should know this. A life of absolute balance and clarity, where nothing is a barrier and you're never a (an?) issue about anything. This much you must do to yourself. If you just come to a mental status, where you're never a (an?) issue, in any given situation, your thoughts and your emotions are not the impediments in your life. If you just do as much as this, suddenly you find, it is a certain level of mukti. There is a new level of freedom in life, simply because you're not the issue. Your thought and your emotion never comes in your own way.



You are given legs to walk, you're given brains, so that your intelligence works for you. But if it is working against you, the basic work has not been done. That is you have not harnessed your own faculties. Forget about accessing the cosmos, you have not harnessed your own faculties. This must be done. Next twenty-four hours, just hold your priority unmoving. You will see it becomes very simple and easy. Priorities change with every thought, with every simo… with every emotion, with every situation that comes, priorities keep changing. Because of these changing priorities life looks very complex. “Profound” need not necessarily be “complex.” If you've questions, any kind of question. Today is Guru Purnima. I'm at your mercy. You can ask me anything.