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当今社会,孩子们面临着诸多来自学业、家庭和社会的压力,越多越多的孩子因此开始变得抑郁。“孩子们该如何应对压力,快乐起来?”这是此次“青年与真理”提问活动中,Rajyavardhan Rathore向萨古鲁提问的问题;Rajyavardhan Rathore曾任印度新闻广播国务部长,现任印度内阁部长,负责印度青年事务部与体育部。


Rajyavardhan Rathore: Namaskar Sadhguru. The period of youth is defined by challenges, goals, achievements and amibitons. Many chase success is defined by others. In this hyper connected, information saturated era, there is the added stress of overload and work related burnout. information Such stress takes away the happiness of our youngsters. We see more and more cases of depression amongst youth. How can the youth in such challenging times continually be happy? I want to know the truth about youth and happniess.

Rajyavardhan Rathore:萨古鲁,向您合十。青年时期的关键词是:挑战、目标、成就、抱负。很多人追求别人定义中的“成功”。在这个超高速连接、信息饱和的时代,人们饱受信息超载和工作倦怠的压力。这种压力剥夺了青年人的快乐。在青年人当中,我们看到越来越多抑郁的人。青年如何能在如此挑战的时代保持快乐?我想知道关于青年与快乐的真相。


Sadhguru: Namaskaram Raj and ....See every generation, there's a set of people who always complaining about something. And of course, there're people who are making use of the situations of their times. As a generation today, we have more conveniences, comforts, and we are able to know whatever we wish to know. People who are complaining about information overload, they must visualize and see that a thousand years ago, you wouldn't know what's happening hundred kilometers away. If .... even there was a great calamity or something fantastic happended hundred kilometers away, it would take a month or two months for you to get the information. Today anywhere in the world, whatever is happening comes to you quickly,and now you're complaining about it.



Please do not complain about it, because this is one of the greatest privilege that we have as a generation that technologically we're empowered like never before. Never before another humanity had the capabilities that we have simply because of technological empowerment. It is just that, you have not prepared yourself for the life that you need to handle in the sense.



Right now, you're complaning about technology which has made your life easy and comfortable. I want you to just imagine a thousand years ago, if you lived here, in the morning when you wake up, you need water for your use, you will have to walk down to the river and carry 2 buckets of water. Believe me, most of the youth today are not even fit enough to carry 2 buckets of water for a mile. Physically there's not capability doing it. So if you're here a thousand year's ago without technology, would you carry these buckets of water without complaint? No.You'll complain because you're physically not capable.



Similarly, if you're not made yourself mentally capable of handling various realities of today, then you complain. So what the youth needs to understand is, the early part of their life, the most important thing is not your mbitions, not your desires to be fulfilled, not the lifestyles that you aspire for. The only thing that you should be concerned about is how to enhance this life to a higher level of possibility. If you do invest enough time in the inner development of who you are, handling the present situaitons will be effortless.



And above all, you will not be complaining about the greatest gifts that have been offered to you in this generation. Never before you could fly from India to United States in fourteen hours' time. Never before you could pick up your phone and talked to somebody in any part of the world. Never before you could see a million things happening all over the world and even in the outer space, you can see what's happening.



Please do not complain about these great gifts that you have. You have to equip yourself. Equipping yourself means there're technologies for inner wellbeing. What we're transmitting as Inner Engineering is just this that you engineer yourself in such a way that you fit for life. Instead of making yourself fit for life, you're asking life around you to change for your level of unfitness. Please don't do this.



Right now, the world is not moving any faster than what is was a few thousand years ago. The world is still spinning at the same time. It is just that we feel that the distances have been reduced simply because of technological powers that we have, This is the most fantastic thing that's happened to human being is we're so technologically empowered. We can see beyond our normal vision. You can hear beyond your normal sense of hearing. You can exprience things beyond normal sense of exprience.



It's just that youhave to upgrade yourself. The technology around you is phenomenally upgradingitself every few month or years. It's time you upgrade yourself. Upgradation ofthis technology, upgradation of who you are. Enhancement of this life needs tohappen. This is what Inner Engineering or yoga means that you focus onenhancing this life. Without enhancing this life, if you enhance your activity,of course you suffer the activity. It is like taking an old junky car on a F1track, it'll fall apart. That's all that's happening to people.



It's time that instead of just educating our children, just make a living, just to find a job, just to get into this one or that one, we have to educate our children to first of all enhance themselves. Tools for self-transformation are the most important requirement of this age because external situations are going to be largely handled by machines. It's very important you are little smarter than the manchines that you handle.