发布日期:2016-12-15 23:18

Nearing the two-year anniversary of the Linga Bhairavi consecration, Sadhguru writes, "The reason why many people are able to feel the Devi temple much more than the Dhyanalinga temple is simply because She is physically manifest...She is even capable of slapping you in the face." Sadhguru then tells us how we can feel the presence of Devi in our lives.


Sadhguru: We are nearing the completion of two years since Devi. Since we started off with the Bhairavi consecration in the month of January 2010, there has been no looking back; it has been a roller coaster of excitement and Devi has touched the lives of a countless number of people. Already, four full-fledged Bhairavi temples have been confirmed, and many small ones are coming up. So, She is going places. Even before we established the temple, I expressed my apprehension that people may start making Her more important than Dhyanalinga, but that is not our fear. If you have a child in your house, the little infant becomes more important than everybody else. That is not a bad thing.



The reason why many people are able to feel the Devi temple much more than the Dhyanalinga temple is simply because She is physically manifest.



The reason why many people are able to feel the Devi temple much more than the Dhyanalinga temple is simply because She is physically manifest. Dhyanalinga is subtle; it takes a certain receptivity to feel it. It is of a completely different dimension. Devi is physically manifest – She is even capable of slapping you in the face. She can also do pleasant things, but She can even slap you in the face. Yes, I am telling you, fifty fingers may be left on your face. So, is Devi manifest? She very much is. Is She physically manifest? Very much. As far as I am concerned, She is a living entity for me and for many people.



So, what should I do to experience Devi?You don’t have to do anything. If there is not much of you, you will feel the presence of what is not you. If there is too much of you, you won’t feel anything anywhere. Not just here, anywhere. Devi is difficult to miss. If your vision is normal, we could write ‘A-B-C’ in big letters and you could read it. Right now, Devi is like that. She is for people who won’t get anything else – Big Bhairavi – you cannot miss her. It is very simple and easy. But most people are like this – they have not even felt their breath themselves. So for such people, if your heart is beating – dubu, dubu – if you cannot even feel this, how can you feel anything else?

那么,“我需要做些什么才能更好地体验Devi女神呢?”你无需做任何事情。如果你能少一点自己,你将能更多地感受到那个“不是你”的东西的存在。如果你太多自己,不管到哪里你都感受不到什么,不仅仅是这里,到哪里都是一样。但是对于Devi女神,你很难错过她。如果你视力正常,只要我们写下大大的“A-B-C”,你就可以看到。现在,Devi女神就像这样,她正是为了那些其他什么都感受不到的人——所以有了大大的贝拉维女神—— 这样你就不可能错过她。体验Devi女神是非常简单容易的。但是大多数人却是这个样子——他们甚至连自己的呼吸都感觉不到,对于这种人,如果你的心脏在嘟嘟地跳动,连这个你都感觉不到,那你还能感觉到什么别的东西吗?


There are people who have not felt their heartbeat, there are people who have not felt their own breath, there are people who cannot see the full moon. If you don’t notice a mosquito biting, your heart beating, your breathing…if you don’t notice how food behaves within you, how will you notice Devi? Fifty finger marks should fall on your face. If you want, we can also do that. I am not joking. We can do it, but it will hurt. There are a few things which have manifested in some people’s lives with Bhairavi which are very strange and, probably, they would not want to talk about it, so I will leave that alone, but things have happened. But the problem with most people is – they are already imagining something.



If you are absolutely in devotion, nothing of you will be left. If nothing of you is left, She will be as strong and real as the morning sunlight.



Don’t imagine anything. Imagination is not good for experience. If you think imagination is a substitute for your experience, it is a stupid way to live. Imagination will feel pleasant for some time – if it goes out of control, you will go nuts. Experience is different. Experience transforms life. With imagination, you can go to heaven in two minutes and come back and you are in the same place – a little depressed because you are back. Not that kind. Real life experience. Physically manifest experience. It is very much possible.



So…devotion. It is not because you are singing for Devi or loving Her that She will appear. She is always there. It is just that with devotion, you are trying to wear yourself down. Who you are is becoming less and less as your devotion overflows. She doesn’t care whether you are devoted or not. Your devotion has nothing to do with Her. Your devotion has something to do with you. If you are absolutely in devotion, nothing of you will be left. If nothing of you is left, She will be as strong and real as the morning sunlight. The only thing is, for you to feel it, you must be empty. How empty you are, that strongly you will feel it.



Your devotion is not about Devi; your devotion is about dissolving yourself. But without Her, you cannot be devout. You need something; you need somebody to be devout, so you can use Her. If you are in love with somebody or something, it is like this…If you see a cloud, Oh, it looks like Bhairavi! If you see a stone, It looks like Bhairavi! For devotees of Shiva, if you show them anything, they will say, Oh, it looks like a lingam! See that cloud? It looks like a lingam. Do you see? Do you see? It may sound stupid to you – it is stupid on one level, but it is a fantastic device. In everything, if you see that, now you don’t see yourself anywhere.

你的虔诚并非关于Devi女神,你的虔诚只关乎自我的消融。但是如果没有她的存在,你不可能变得虔诚,你需要一个事物或一个人,让你变得虔诚,所以你可以利用“她”。如果你爱着一个人或一个事物,你会变成这样:当你看见一朵云,你会想,“啊,它看上去就像贝拉维女神!”当你看见一块石头,你会想,“啊,它看上去就像贝拉维女神!” 对于湿婆的奉爱者,不管你给他们看什么东西,他们都会说,“啊,它看上去像灵伽!看到那片云了吗?它看起来就像灵伽。你看到了吗?看到了吗?”听者可能会觉得愚蠢——在某种程度上是很愚蠢,但却不失为一种美妙的工具:如果你在一切之中都可以看到她的存在,这时你在哪里都看不到你自己了。


This is a fantastic device to lower the sense of who you are because your sense of the world is just yourself, please understand this. Your experience of the world is just yourself. Everything is just a reflection within you. Only because of you, the world exists as far as you are concerned. Only because of you, the whole creation exists. In this condition, there can be no devotion, there can be no perception. Everything that you see as the world is your interpretation, it is your reflection. That is not the world, that is not the creation, that is not the Creator. To demolish this, where ‘me’ has become so big…I see Bhairavi everywhere. Now, after some time, everything is like that. If you see a leaf, Oh, it looks like Bhairavi. If you see a flower, It looks like Bhairavi. You don’t say this to anybody, just do this within yourself. Who you are will just disappear over a period of time.

这是一种美妙的工具,可以降低你的自我意识,因为你对于世界的认知仅仅局限在你自己,请注意这一点。你对这个世界的体验仅仅是你自己。一切都是你内在的投射。在你看来,是因为你,世界才得以存在。是因为你,整个创造才得以存在。在这种情况下,不可能有奉爱,不可能有感知。你所看到的这个世界的一切,都是你自己的解读,是你的投射,那并不是世界本身,并不是创造本身,并不是造物主本身。为了彻底打破这种把“我” 变得如此之大的模式……我处处都能看到贝拉维女神。这样,一段时间后,一切都会变成这个样子:当你看到一片树叶,“啊,它看上去像贝拉维女神。”当你看到一朵花,“啊,它看上去像贝拉维女神。”你不要跟任何人说起这些,只要在心里想就可以了。一段时间后,你的自我会逐渐消失。


So, is this not stupid? An idea that works, do you call it stupid or smart? It works, that’s all. All devices are to be used, not to be analyzed. It is not for analysis, it is for use. If you use it, it works. If you analyze, what is there in it? If I analyze you, what the hell is there within you? There is really nothing. Isn’t it?